Shipping & Delivery

NOTE: As a result of the worldwide spread of COVID-19, a number of airlines have ceased operations in a variety of countries and territories. Order delays may also arise as a result of slower logistics and additional customs security inspections. Due to these conditions, please allow for more transit time than the ETA specified in our shipping policy. (About 7-12 days)

We provide international express shipping. The delivery time for an order is broken into two parts: Time to process + time to ship

  • Time to Process: Orders will be handled within 1-3 working days. On weekends, we do not ship.
  • Shipping time: 11-14 working days in the United States, 11-18 working days in Europe, and 11-21 working days in other countries.

Shipping Costs: Express costs are the same all around the world. It is $5.95 USD.

Shipping Carriers

To ensure prompt delivery, we will use USPS/ 4PX or SF Express.

Tracked Shipping

The consumer will be alerted through email or text message whether their order has been sent.

Every order comes with a tracking number. Your tracking number and links will be included in your order dispatch email. If you want them shipped with insurance or via other carriers, please email us at [email protected] before purchase. We will supply you with a quotation.

We are unable to cancel an order that has already been dispatched.

Third-party couriers are used to delivering orders. If you purchase from us, you acknowledge that there is a possibility that your shipment will be misplaced. Refunds are only available for orders that have proof of non-delivery.
We use third-party tracking services to track orders, and if the website states your purchase was delivered, we trust it. We will only give a refund if the state, city, or zip code on your tracking number does not match the information on your mailing label. Without a single exception.